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Thursday, December 8, 2016

Super Easy DIY Prim Sruffed Or Styrofoam Christmas Trees!

When I saw these on Pinterest yesterday, I said to myself   "I HAVE to make a tutorial for these!!" because they are SO cute yet so simple that anyone can make them!
Read below for tutorial!

These trees are on old vintage bobbins. You can find them on Etsy or Ebay.

These tree above are sewn and stuffed. I have another version at the bottom for making them using styrofoam. 

For making the stuffed trees...  simply choose your favorite fabrics! They can all be in the green family ( to look like actual trees) or you can make red, white, silver, gold, green , blue any color you choose! if you want to be whimsical choose some colorful printed fabrics!  I personally like the green fabrics. You can make them all the same, or  make each one different!

Lay your fabric out on a table right sides together and doubled. ( double layer not single) Trace a triangle shape onto your fabric ( or eyeball it!) They can be short and fat, long and thin.. it's up to you!  Now sew all the way around your triangle leaving about a 1/4" allowance, but leave the bottom OPEN!
Turn your trees right side out and stuff them! Now using a strong thread and needle take a running stitch around the bottom opening and pull closed and tie off. You can always poke more stuffing into the tiny hole that remains to plump your tree out more.
Now slide your tree onto the wood bobbins and decorate! 
These simply have some rusty wire wrapped around them and little rusty stars at the top with some little labels pinned onto each one!

If you don't like to sew,  I have a version using styrofoam trees!
Simply purchase a few styrofoam tree's, ( they are in the styrofoam section of your craft store where all the syrofoam balls are. If your store doesn't carry them look online!) Get a few different sizes for visual interest!

Cut your fabric into long strips approx 2" wide. If you want a more Primitive ragged look TEAR your fabric into long 2" wide strips so you get all those wonderful ragged edges!

Cover your tree with some craft glue.When I do crafts like this  I put some glue on a plate and add a little water, then I use an old brush to mix it so it's not as thick and it's easier to apply, then I brush it on with the brush. 

Start wrapping your tree with the long strips of fabric you just cut or tore. Start at the top so you have a nice finished look on the top of the tree, work your way down. Tuck the last edge under the bottom of the syrofoam tree where no one will see it. 
Decorate your tree as you like. There are endless possibilities! You can wrap a little garland around them, or rusty wire, you can pin ornaments to them, or glue on snowflakes, or just have little labels like the photo above. Make them unique and yours!
You can just sit the styrofoam trees on any flat surface just as they are, or you can slide them over the wood bobbins as well.
Have fun!