I love creating Primitive & Folkart dolls and I incorporate that love into each and every handmade item I create. I simply love every minute of it! Here in my little home-based shop I value quality over quantity. I take my time and put lots of attention to detail into every single original One-Of-A-Kind piece of art I create, along with imagination, uniqueness and whimsy! I don't have anyone working for me. I create each and every doll, every stitch, every detail from start to finish by myself. When you add one of my items to your home you can be assured that it was completely handcrafted by me and only me. I use only high quality materials to create my art. I make sure that my items are solid, sturdy and well constructed. I realize that my items aren't just a decoration for one season, or one holiday. I know they will be brought out year after year, or on display every day of the year. Some will be given to loved ones and special friends as gifts or even handed down to children and grandchildren... they become part of a family and a home so I make sure each one is very special. I use only non-toxic materials in the creation of my art and nothing that I use has a chemical odor. The only scent my dolls will have are the wonderful, pleasant, heart-warming smells of coffee, tea, cinnamon and vanilla. I use hypoallergenic stuffing and my items are created in a completely smoke free and clean environment. Of course: Every piece of art I create has to first receive Scampers "Kitten Paw Print of Approval" before it enters my shop! Scamper is one of our cats, and he loves to hang out on my work table to supervise and help with everything I do! Every piece of art is signed and dated by me, and stamped with a little paw print. I enjoy knowing that the items I create with my whole heart, here in my home surrounded by the love of my family, will be treasured by my customers as a part of their own homes and families! God Bless, Wendy Marro

Wednesday, December 14, 2016

What could be more beautiful than the simplicity of a rustic/country Christmas decoration made from old fashioned mason jars!

To get started: You'll need the following supplies:
3 Mason Jars
Acrylic Paint ( red, white and green) Or spray paint
jute string or twine
artificial greens
matte spray fixative
paintbrush or sponge

First thing you'll want to do is get yourself some Ball mason jars. They come in different sizes and can be found in your local craft store.

To paint your jars... use your paintbrush ( a soft one won't leave streaks) or use a sponge to sponge it on. Allow to dry, then put a second coat on.  If you prefer, you can spray your jars with spray paint them allow to dry. I personally don't enjoy the fumes of spray paint, even outdoors!

Tip:  Take some fine grit sandpaper or an old emery board and sand gently on top of the lettering  to remove a little of the paint once everything is dry, you can create some 'scratched' areas of paint on the jar and around the neck and rim using the same method, this creates a 'used' rustic look and is visually interesting. Spray with your matte fixative and allow to dry.

Cut some long strings of your jute or twine and wrape around the base of a pinecone then around the neck of your jar and tie in a bow in the front. You can tie anything onto the string, it doesn't have to be pinecones! It can be little charms, or jingle bells or whatever you like.

Now have fun filling your jars with your favorite artificial greens! Make sure to have some different types of greens for interest, including some pinecones and don't forget the bright red berries!

Have fun and enjoy crafting!