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Wednesday, December 7, 2016

SIMPLE DIY Primitive Paintbrush Santa Claus!

Good Morning! I've been seeing these adorable Santa Claus Paint Brushes for several years now, and there's so many different varitations on them.... I prefer the more primitive style ones of course! Today I'm going to explain how to make these simple little cuties, anyone can do it! Read on for tutorial below!
( photos courtesy of Pinterest)

There are MANY sizes of paint brushes... so you can choose to make one large Santa to hang on a wall or several small ones as ornaments.. just make sure you get a BRISTLE brush! This is what makes the beard look so prim and neat!

You can choose to leave the ferrule ( the metal or wood part that the bristles go into)  plain, OR you can paint it a flesh color with some acrylic craft paint  ( as seen in the first photo)

His eyes are simple black buttons, you can choose the size and style you want, and there are many different ones available at your local craft store! You can also use many other things for the eyes ( you can cut out circles from felt for instance)
 For his nose, use a round top button or a wood bead ( also found in the craft store!) round unfinished wooden beads come in packages and in various sizes! Just paint his nose the color you'd like ( flesh color or red) allow paint to dry then glue on the eyes to the ferrule and the nose to the very top of the bristles.

Now.. for the hat! You can paint the wood handle red as seen in the second photo, ( simply allow to dry then decorate as you like.. you can paint little white snowflakes on there, or little moons and stars, or glue on something you find at the craft store!) For the first photo, you can make a little hat out of some felt or flannel or fleece then slide it over the wood handle and glue into place. 
Trim the hat with a little fur or white felt or maribou, hang a little bell on the end of the hat and tada! 
You can give Santa some wire rim glasses ( either purchased at the craft store) or buy some heavy guage wire and create your own ( which I like better!)

He's your Santa, so get creative and make him with whatever materials and style tickles your fancy!
Have fun HO HO HO!