COZY CREEK PRIMITIVES-Creating Primitive & Folkart dolls are my passion. I love the simplicity of the Primitive style and the Whimsy of Folk Art! I incorporate that love into each and every handmade item I create. I simply love every minute of it! Here in my little shop I value quality over quantity. I put my whole heart, time, patience and lots of attention to detail into every single piece of art I create, along with imagination, uniqueness and whimsy! I don't have anyone working for me. I create each and every doll, every stitch, every detail from start to finish. When you add one of my items to your home you can be assured that it was completely handcrafted by me and only me. Not only do I put time and attention to detail into the appearance of my items, but also into the quality of the work itself and the materials used. I make sure that my items are solid, sturdy and well constructed. I realize that my items aren't just a decoration for one season, or one holiday. I know they will be brought out year after year, or on display every day of the year. Some will be given to loved ones and special friends as gifts or even handed down to children and grandchildren... they become part of a family and a home so I make sure each one is special. I also use only non-toxic materials in the creation of my items and nothing that I use has a chemical odor. The only scent my dolls will have are the wonderful, pleasant, heart-warming smells of coffee, tea, cinnamon or vanilla. My items are also from a completely smoke free environment. I enjoy knowing that the items I create with my whole heart, here in my home, surrounded by the love of my family, will be treasured by my customers as a part of their own home and family. Wendy Marro

Thursday, October 27, 2016

OOAK Handmade Primitive "Christmas 1907" Sitting Snowman With Sweater, Tree And Birch Wood Ornament


Created By Artist Wendy Marro 

His wonderful face is hand stitched in place with black beads for his eyes. His nose is made from stained and painted muslin.
He wears a handmade thick brown wool sweater On the front is a vintage style graphic label that has been hand sewn on and reads "Christmas 1907" Label was created by starmtprims.
His wears a matching brown wool cap that is embellished with a sprig of greens and berries and has a large rusty bell at the end.
He wears brown plaid flannel pants and matching scarf.
Snow Man is 17" long and 10" high when sitting. He is absolutely Adorable in person!
He holds a hand painted bottle brush Christmas tree in one hand and a handmade (by me) birch Wood ornament in his other hand. His hang tag reads "Warm Winter Welcome" He comes signed and dated.

He has been created using my own personal pattern, which is not available to the public.

As always, Cozy Creek Primitives dolls are meant for display and decorative purposes only.

If you have any questions, please dont hesitate to contact me!

From a smoke free home.

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